The UK is home to one of the best universities in the world for the study of the arts and humanities, including the University of Oxford.

1. Cambridge University

The School of Arts and Humanities at Cambridge University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The university is divided into eight faculties: Architecture and Art History, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Classics, Theology, English, Modern and Medieval Languages, Music and History.

The school studies several groups, including the Digital Humanities, a collaborative interaction among scholars in the humanities. Its mission is to rethink the nature of the humanities in our digital age and investigate traditional and new forms of data and media.

Notable Cambridge alumni in the arts and humanities fields include philosopher Bertrand Russell, artist Quentin Blake and playwright Christopher Marlowe.

2. Oxford University

The Faculty of Humanities is one of the faculties of the University of Oxford, consisting of 9 main faculties: Classics, English language and literature, history, linguistics, philology and phonetics, medieval and modern languages , music, oriental studies, philosophy, theology, and religion.

The faculty of humanities is home to the Ruskin School of the Arts, dating back to 1871, when John Ruskin first opened his drawing school. Since 1981, the school has awarded degrees to students in fine arts.

The university also has several libraries and museums including the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archeology and the Bodleian Library, which houses more than 11 million volumes and manuscript collections.

Oxford faculty and students conduct research in a wide range of subject areas from ancient and classical civilizations, to the intersection of humanities and neuroscience.

Previous research projects have included "What did Ancient Greek Music sound like?" and "How does the brain process language?"

3. Imperial College London

The university's Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers courses in English, philosophy, Greek and Latin, and is also home to the European School of Languages, Cultures and Society.

The Slade School of Fine Arts offers two undergraduate degree programs: BA (bachelor of arts) and BFA (bachelor of fine arts). Students must have completed their BA to be eligible to apply for an MA or MFA

Past research projects of the school's Faculty of Arts and Humanities have mentioned Lisbon and its Jewish refugees, the history of the Italian people, and support for self-direction in social care, among them Many research projects are ongoing.

4. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh consists of three sub-schools namely Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Currently, the school has about 35,000 students studying, including international students from many countries around the world.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the arts and humanities, as well as part-time student programs, providing students with academic and work flexibility.

Arts and humanities majors have the opportunity to study abroad as part of the university's international exchange program. The University has developed partnerships with more than 200 partner institutions around the world.

5. Durham . University

Durham University is divided into 3 different schools: School of Literature and Humanities; School of Natural Sciences; School of Social and Health Sciences.

The School of Literature and Humanities has 7 faculties, including: History and Ancient History, Philosophy, English, Theology and Religion, Liberal Arts and History. Besides, the school also has a Department of Modern Languages ​​and Cultures. Each faculty offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses.

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