How to Apply for a Student Visa in Belgium
How to Apply for a Student Visa in BelgiumComing to Belgium, we cannot help but mention the massive renaissance architectural masterpieces, the mouth-watering chocolate shops, the full-flavoured beers and the capital Brussels - the "heart of Europe" gathering. full of the quintessence of Western Europe. The opportunity to study in a vibrant and peaceful country, especially with such a world-leading education system, must be something that many young people dream of.
1. Apply to a University in Belgium for a letter of acceptance:

The first and most important step in applying for a Belgium student visa is to obtain an acceptance letter from the Belgian university you are going to study. If you are still not sure which school you want to study at, you will have to decide before you can begin your student Visa application process. After being admitted to a university in Belgium, you will receive an acceptance letter for your Visa application. Here are some of the best Universities in Belgium:

2. Visa types when studying in Belgium:

To study in Belgium, international students may or may not need a visa and a residence permit. But how do you know if you need a visa? The answer depends on your nationality and length of study:

3. Learning opportunities in communities in Belgium:

Belgium adopts a federal state structure and is divided into 3 Communities:

Each state may have different policies and regulations for international students. So find out if your certificate is recognized in those communities.

4. Required documents when applying for Visa

NOTE: Additional documents may be requested later by the embassy or consulate.

5. How to apply for a Belgium student visa:

– Within 8 working days of your arrival in Belgium, go to the municipal administration or the town hall (maison communale/gemeentehuis) to apply for a residence permit. With this type of permit, you can open a bank account, apply for a work permit or apply for insurance in Belgium. You can also apply for a residence permit at your school to get help from that party.

– Your residence permit can be renewed annually between 30 and 45 days before its expiration date.

– You can apply for a Class C student work permit at local employment agencies in Belgium.

– Any foreign student at a Belgian university with a valid residence permit can work up to 20 hours/week outside of holidays as long as the working hours do not interfere with their study hours.

– You will need to get a written fixed-term contract, called a “Student Employment Contract” from your employer. During the holidays, you can work without a permit.

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Published on: 10/13/21, 8:19 AM