How to check whether you are eligible for Windows 11

Microsoft has recently launched the Windows 11 and man, its packed with so many interesting features that we can't wait to get an expereince of.

Software upgrade are always meant to bring an improvement ffrom it predecesors and Windows 11 from Microsoft is very fulfilling on that aspect.

From my own personal experience, Windows 11 is the best Windows OS release so far, but there is a problem attached to getting the Windows installed on your computer or PC.

Not every Computer or PC is eligible. Microsoft has set the minimum requirement and maybe some PC, majority of old PC won't be eligible on getting the new Windows.

Before I show you how to Find out whether your Windows 10 Laptop or Desktop is Eligible for Windows 11 Upgrade, I think I need to show you some of the promising features of Windows 11, so you can know if its something of your interest.

Windows 11 Features

Complele redesign of interface.

Unlike Windows 8 and 10 that shares similar design features, Windows 11 is bringing a complete new design which from personal experience I would say, brings more mobile friendly look.

Think of it as using a Windows Mobile software, it is very sleek and brings a lot block interface.

Running Andoroid App on Windows

Microsoft through the Windows 11 will now allow users to run android application on their Windows PC. Though there are some shortcomings to that.

The process is not like going to the Windows store and dowmloading your favoritite Android app but. NO, you are going to need to download the Amazon Appstore.from Windows Store, then you can proceed to downloading your favorite Android app.

Personally, this Android app feature is giving me a Huawei App gallery vibe because as at the time of Windows 11 launch, only few android apps were supported but the number is growing every day by day..

Just like the Huawei App Gallery, not all Android Apps are available on the store but more and more apps are being added on dailly bases.

A new improved and redesigned taskbar.

First thing you are going to notice on the new Windows 11 which is also one of the seelling point of the new Windows OS is the task bar, it has been shifted, redesigned and some featured added.

Unlike the Windows 10 with the Cortana and other icon such as the start menus and pinned icon, Windows 11 is bringing a whole new experiencing to the taskbar by removing majority of the old placements and it icon.

The Windows icon and other Icon has been moved to the center footer of the screen plus other changes.

Screensharing with other Windows user.

Though there are limitations to this but it is a big developement that Windows 11 users can now share their screen and activities to other Windows user through the MicosoftTeam.

With Windows 11, you can now mute your mic right at the task bar without needing to go to the setting, though this option is exclusively while youa re using the Microsoft Team.

New Media Player

There is now a new design Windows media player that comes with the Windows 11.

How to know whether your Windows Laptop or Desktop is Eligible for Windows 11 Upgrade

There are mainly 2 easy way you can Check to know whether your Windows Laptop or Desktop is Eligible for Windows 11 Upgrade.

Using the Windows PC Health Check software or just check the system requirement.

Click on the Windows start menu and search or type PC Health Check and launch the Windows PC Health Check software.

The Windows PC Health Check will check whether your PC is eligible or not, if you are not eligible, it will also tell you why you are not eligible if you happen to fall on that category, just like me. LOL.

Old processors are tentd to be eligible for the Windows 11 but it is not the end of the world, as you can install Windows 11 on your non-eligible PC.

If your PC is eligible to run the Windows 11, you can get started by following this link to the micosoft website and downloading the Windows 11 installation ISO file.

The installation or upgrade does not delete any of your file.

If your PC is eligible, follw this link to know how to install the Windows 11 on your Not eliible device.

Good luck.

Published on: 2/17/22, 5:10 AM